Empretec Women in Business Awards 2018 – Student Ideas Challenge

The Student Ideas Challenge 2018, as part of the Empretec Women In Business Awards, was designed to engage young people ages 8-18 years in exploring entrepreneurship as a key tool in achieving gender equality – Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 5). It was sponsored by impact investor Symbiotics SA.

The Challenge was distributed to young people via a Schools Pack, prepared by Elaine France, Founder of Flow In Action (www.flowinaction.org) in collaboration with UNCTAD. This was sent out to over 200 schools and circulated via The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (www.cwbusinesswomen.org) to schools in Commonwealth countries, and via UN Women (www.unwomen.org).

We invited young people, as future innovators and entrepreneurs, to respond to 5 challenges, linked to SDGs 2, 4, 5, 11 and 12; based on an approach for innovation challenges from Flow In Action’s learn to move mountains® workshops for young people and UNCTAD’s VISION youth entrepreneurship training programme.

The five challenges
How will you… feed 8.5 billion people by 2030 without doing any damage to the environment?


   How will you…create inclusive education for all children using virtual reality?


   How will you…use technology to achieve gender equality and end discrimination against women and girls?


   How will you…create a sustainable city with no environmental harm to the planet, to revolutionise how 8.5 billion people live together?


   How will you…stop clothes going into landfill by reinventing what they are made from?


Youth submitted posters and short videos of their concepts, which were featured in a display in the Pas Perdus in the Palais des Nations, as part of the World Investment Forum (WIF) 2018 from 22nd to 26th October 2018.

Click here to watch the youth videos on Youtube and go to the Facebook Photo Album to see the posters.

Youth Voices at the Women In Business Awards 2018

The voices of young people also featured during the Empretec Women In Business Awards ceremony on 25th October 2018, where they shared their ideas, hopes and dreams for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Click here to watch the full Women In Business Awards 2018 event and hear their concepts.

   Magda El-Sadek


 Keli Sheng, Nerine Niessen, Mats de Bubba

International School of Geneva

   Marta Balañá-Vicente


   Natheir Ahmad Abu Dahab

IRA- International Robotics Academy

   Salma Abu Dahab

IRA- International Robotics Academy