Empretec Training Workshop (ETW)

Empretec programme’s core product is the ETWEmpretec Training Workshop (ETW). The behavioural approach, which the ETW is based on, aims at developing entrepreneurship as a set of specific competencies and practices that can be observed, recognized, applied and acquired by entrepreneurs on their daily lives. By fostering participants’ motivation and self-confidence, the ETW manages to show entrepreneurs the difference between merely running a business and building a growth-oriented enterprise.

Training is delivered by 600 local certified trainers and by a pool of approximately 60 international master trainers. All trainers are also entrepreneurs.

Empretec Training Workshops offer different levels of instruction that include:

  • 6-day courses (48 hours);
  • 32-hour (usually spread over 4 days) for micro-entrepreneurs with low levels of literacy;
  • Interactive coaching based on real business challenges of participants.
Fees and class sizes

Workshop fees vary from country to country, depending on local contexts and the availability of donor funding. Classes usually consist of 25 to 30 participants.