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Mayra HolguinDR1

Programa Buenos Negocios (TV and Radio)

“Through media communication and social networks we promote community-based development, environmental protection and self-employment”

Mayra’s dynamic business, Programa Buenos Negocios, is a pioneering company using multimedia (TV, radio and press) to focus on promoting entrepreneurship and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through media communication. She has developed a variety of radio and TV shows, documentaries, mini-series and a radio reality show on entrepreneurship, among which the acclaimed “An Entrepreneur is Born”. Mayra is a pioneer in this area: the reality show has received international prizes for being highly motivational and highly scalable, considering that it has generated a book, an evening TV show, a diploma and local conferences based on the same concept.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the advice of experts who participate in the programme but can also get in contact with Mayra to receive personalized consultancy services on how to set up a new business, how to improve a strategic plan, how to introduce a new management model in the current business, how to improve the organization of production through coaching or how to upgrade the entrepreneurial skills of a manager and his/her team. To differentiate her business, Mayra has recently started to provide advisory services on sustainability and social responsibility, and to support entrepreneurial initiatives led by women and marginalized communities. Her radio/TV show “Programa Buenos Negocios” has taken an active part in campaigns to promote reforestation, biodiversity, women’s entrepreneurship and micro-entrepreneurs.

Mayra’s staff is composed of a team of 10 people: 3 presenters, 4 thematic experts, 2 employees dealing with public relations and sales, and 1 secretary. The team is very committed, fully empowered and personally involved in the conceptualization and implementation of all projects, including networking and public events. Mayra also leads highly appreciated and well-attended networking events called “Tardes de PYMEs” (SME evenings). She is also the former president of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of the Dominican Republic (2008–2010).

The Empretec workshop transformed Mayra both as a person and as an entrepreneur. As she recalls: “Empretec helped me to become more dynamic, to delegate and to create a comprehensive follow-up system, including personalized project proposals, regular contacts and personal visits”. The workshop also helped her to face competition and modify her business model. “In this industry”, adds Maya, “age and experience bring prestige, but I need to be very innovative and creative in order to remain competitive”.

“Programa Buenos Negocios” is broadcast by the third highest ranked national TV network. In less than three years, followers and voting participants rose from 7,000 to 70,000. In 2012, changing market conditions, macroeconomic instability and the need to reduce financial costs meant the company had to concentrate on its core activity (the radio business). Subsequently, it attracted new investors, strategic partners and sponsors, and increased the company’s revenues by 30%. In 2015, Mayra was nominated Radio Announcer of the Year for the production of “An Entrepreneur is Born”. She is now back on TV with a new TV show for SMEs.