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Vinaya Shettyvin 111

VIN Management Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Website: www.vinconsult.com 

“Our imperatives are to establish credibility by exceeding customer expectations and receiving gratification by impacting lives”

Dr. Vinaya Shetty is the founder and president of VIN Management Consultants (VIN), established in 2001. The company objective is to effect change in organizations with particular attention to social issues. The ultimate objective is to transform individuals and to create a cultural context for change. Since 16 December 2012, after the tragic Nirbhaya rape case, there has been a radical change in the definition of rape in the judicial system in India. Government bodies have had to address this burning issue. When the Mumbai Police planned to create two squads within the police force, one to spread awareness and the other to be a unique helpline for women, VIN was given the task of executing the plan. The first squad is called Right To Freedom. Fifty-five police personnel, mainly women, were trained, coached and counselled to take part in one of the largest citizen outreach programmes in the country. Housing societies, schools and colleges would, for the first time, have police personnel visit them and educate women on their rights, explaining the law against sexual harassment. The second squad is called Save My Number. It provides online assistance to women in distress. VIN’s services support the tackling of serious issues such as child abuse. Working closely with police personnel to develop qualities such as integrity, sensitivity and compassion as well as social skills has led to positive results in the handling of cases of child abduction.

Further positive contributions have been brought to the entertainment industry in India, one of the fastest growing in the world, and especially Bollywood, in Mumbai. By addressing work practices and culture as well as compliance with labour-laws, VIN enables companies in this sector to improve their professional set-up, resulting in reduced stress, higher productivity and an enhanced sense of employee rights and having an impact on the community at large.

In 2012, Vinaya participated in the Empretec programme in Geneva. The key benefits she derived were the motivation to develop her company with renewed vigour and a deeper understanding of her company persona. The methodology facilitated reflection on possible directions for the business. This resulted in the pursuit of projects contributing to community development, by supporting Government programmes. One of the biggest challenges is retaining talent, as many women in India take a break after marriage or childbirth, often due to pressure from in-laws. The solution to this challenge has been to offer flexible scheduling, to create a larger network of professionals available for assignments, and to incentivize workplace contributions.

VIN has a growth rate of 15% per year and currently employs six full-time staff. Future projects include the development of a large telephone and online (Skype) network to extend support and motivation to women entrepreneurs in various countries, using digital media to provide access to training, ideas and counselling.

VIN provides professional personnel training programmes, achieving results such as reduced stress, higher productivity and the development of important behavioural qualities – and ultimately the development of benefits for entire communities.