UNCTAD Empretec Programme

Empretec Women in Business Award 2020 (PDF, 4,25 MB)

Empretec Women in Business Award 2018 (full report)

Empretec Network: Impact and Success Stories
(PDF, 3 MB)


Empretec Women in Business Award 2016
(Part 1 PDF, 9.49 MB)
(Part 2 PDF, 9.05 MB)
(Part 3 PDF, 8.98 MB)
(Part 4 PDF, 9.78 MB)
(Part 5 PDF, 9.94 MB)
(Part 6 PDF, 9.66 MB)

EWBA2014_cover Empretec Women in Business Awards 2014
(PDF, 7.95 MB)

thm_EWBA2012Empretec Women in Business Award 2012
(PDF, 13.6 MB)

EG_cover The Entrepreneur’s Guide
(English – PDF, 5.9 MB)
(Español – PDF, 5.4 MB)
(Français – PDF, 4.2 MB)

UNCTAD Business Linkages Programme

Investment Promotion in an era of GVCs
Maximizing Impact through Business Linkages
(The IPA Observer No. 2 2013)
(PDF, 2.76 MB)

Developing Business Linkages for Green Affordable Housing in Zambia
(PDF, 1.49 MB)

BL_policyCreating Business Linkages: A Policy Perspective
(PDF, 9.15 MB)

thm_IDCSMEsVCIntegrating Developing Countries’ SMEs into Global Value Chains
(PDF, 3.05 MB)

Entrepreneurship Policies

Policy Guide on Entrepreneurship for Migrants and Refugees
(PDF, 5.1 MB English – 2.7 MB Spanish – 3.5 MB French – 4.1 MB Arabic)

Policy Guide on Youth Entrepreneurship
(PDF, 8.6 MB)

EPF UNCTAD Entrepreneurship Policy Framework and Implementation Guidance
(PDF, 1.81 MB)


A Survey on Women’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation
(PDF, 1.86 MB)